Open Rivers Programme

Formulating indicators, targets and an approach for monitoring the Open Rivers Programme - Scoping Report

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

A systematic review was carried out to scope potential targets and indicators of dam removal and expert consultation was used to assess the merits of different indicators taking into account their validity, reliability, and ease of application.

The results of the systematic review indicate that most barrier removal projects are not monitored which makes it difficult to learn lessons and understand the benefits.

It is recommended that grantees are encouraged to work together at basin and regional levels, rather than in isolation and multiple removals should be favored over single ones. All projects should be monitored and have pre-removal and post-removal phases to help build the dam removal movement. A three-tier system is proposed so that the form, timing, duration and frequency of monitoring is commensurate with the size and cost of the projects.


  • The European Open Rivers Programme¬† (EORP)


  • 23 October 2022