Danube 4 All

Improving the quality of the Danube River

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

The EU Horizon project DANUBE4all will jointly elaborate innovative interdisciplinary restoration pathways for the Danube River Basin by adopting a science-to-people approach also including societal co-creation, which actively integrates inhabitants’ interests and empowers Danube stakeholders including local communities, SMEs, investors, policy makers and the business sector.

The Blue River Foundation will contribute to this by introducing the Blue Rivers Flag certificate to the Danube river basin that will motivate communities to foster stewardship for ‘their’ river. With this approach, Blue Rivers Flag will incentivize restoration actions for which first test trials are conducted in demonstration sites. By use of the experiences collected there, the Blue Rivers Flag approach will be upscaled to the whole Danube River Basin, and additionally to selected rivers all over Europe.